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Playing Fort in the Living Room

Since Matty’s become so mobile and curious, we’ve had to baby-proof our house. We don’t like the idea of plopping him into his crib or playard, since he doesn’t have room to crawl around. Plus, those are for sleeping anyway. Just like you wouldn’t eat or watch TV in bed (right?), we don’t let Matty play with his toys in his crib.

So we set up the following defenses (same picture as below):

living room fort

Now Matty has room to roam around. The doors to the bathroom and the bedroom are shut, so he’s got the hallway for straightaway gallops. The outlets are covered and wires are behind large pieces of furniture. The coffee table is filled with books, so he can learn to cherish the printed word (“cherish” meaning “pull down, rip cover, fold pages in half, crack spine, eat acid-free paper”). (We’ll start cramming the shelves absolutely full, so Matty can’t pull the books out. :wink:) The table also offers a pull-up station, so Matty can develop those important deltoid and latissimus dorsi muscles.

Soon, the little man will figure out our defenses (the boppy, in the lower left corner, is the weak point, but don’t tell him that!), and we’ll have to build a moat or something. But then he’ll learn to swim, so we’ll have to fill the moat with pirahnas. It’s a never-ending battle.

Written by Michael

23 Feb 2005 at 126pm

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