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Aunt Shari’s request, granted.

A new crop of photos of Little Face. This should hold you over Shar! 🙂

Matt knows the meaning of cozy.

Hey look it’s a Matt in the Box!

Our eggscellent coloring eggsperience. Okay that was bad. Sorry!

Matty really gets to “know” his toys.

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous, so Matt and I took a nice long walk. We stopped off at the park too. He’s still a real big fan of the swings.

Some random shots from this morning.

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31 Mar 2005 at 1221pm

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Day in DC.

Last Saturday the weather was being especially sweet to us here in NoVa, so we decided to head into the city for a walk. Lots of people had the same idea. We headed over to the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and snapped some pics of Matt enjoying the art and outdoors. Highly recommend a trip there if you’re in the area.

On our way home, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for some dinner. Matt enjoyed the atmosphere and company, for sure.

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24 Mar 2005 at 1259pm

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Simply Matty.

After his recent haircut.

Matt is definitely becoming quite fond of this particular little blankie. When he’s feeling tired, he’ll grab it and rub his eyes with it. Too cute.

Fish lips.

Laid back fellas.


Water wack-a-doodle.

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18 Mar 2005 at 1234pm

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It was a nice day.

We did some geocaching yesterday and hit 100 finds! Very cool.

I’ve got a chicken on my back.

This, is why we gave him a haircut last night.

I’m a good photographer. No really.

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07 Mar 2005 at 1114am

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Matt always finds a way to keep busy.

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07 Mar 2005 at 1111am

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Joe is mesmorizing.

Blues Clues gets his undivided attention. And no matter how many times I move him to a more comfortable distance, he always scoots back up to whiplash area.

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07 Mar 2005 at 1110am

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He’s getting good at the sippy cup thing.

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07 Mar 2005 at 1108am

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