A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Aunt Shari’s request, granted.

A new crop of photos of Little Face. This should hold you over Shar! 🙂

Matt knows the meaning of cozy.

Hey look it’s a Matt in the Box!

Our eggscellent coloring eggsperience. Okay that was bad. Sorry!

Matty really gets to “know” his toys.

Yesterday the weather was gorgeous, so Matt and I took a nice long walk. We stopped off at the park too. He’s still a real big fan of the swings.

Some random shots from this morning.


Written by Donna

31 Mar 2005 at 1221pm

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  1. This is great stuff! Fabulous photos, one and all. I especially like the one where Matty’s shocked, shocked!, that we color the eggs.

    Matt in a Box indeed. He thinks so far outside the box he’s in the box.


    31 Mar 2005 at 1250pm

  2. great pic’s, i know i keep saying this, but i miss you guys so much…counting the min’s till you guys come… and yes these should hold me over for a little while…………a very little while(hint,hint) i never get tired of looking at my baby matty

    aunt shari

    31 Mar 2005 at 134pm

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