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Through the water to see under the water.

This past Saturday we were hit with a deluge of rain. I think I remember hearing that we got like 17 inches or something. All of which, Mike noted, ended up on our jeans (in our jeans?). Sometimes, we’re just not that smart. We knew the rains to end the earth were coming, but we decided to venture out anyways. At first it wasn’t too bad, just a steady pour. When we got off the Metro in the city, it was cats & dogs, and cows & sheep, and horses & goats. The streets were turned into rivers and our clothes were behaving as sponges. We had come to see the IMAX – Into the Deep 3D movie, but were now wondering if we shouldn’t just turn around and call it a day. We decided to just go for it. We waited for it to “slow” and then booked over to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. And boy am I glad that we toughed out the weather. Sure we were soaked to the bones, but Matt was snug and dry in his plastic bubble stroller rain hood thingy and the movie was absolutely awesome. I haven’t seen 3D in some time and I was completely surprised by how good it was. The movie made you feel like you were underwater witnessing all of the cool fish and animals and whatnot. (Sure, it didn’t hurt that our clothes were still sopping.) Another highly recommended stop if you’re in DC.

Matt was undeniably excited for the show:

The way back towards home was a lot drier and we made our way to grab something to eat. We messed around with the camera some too.

Matt has taken a liking to pulling at Mike’s armhair. Matt and I think it’s pretty funny. Mike does not. Aww. And Ow!

Random eating and drinking and eating:


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04 Apr 2005 at 937pm

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  1. Shall we forestall the inevitable comments that Matty’s aunts (on his daddy’s side) used to think pulling his hair was funny, too? 🙂


    05 Apr 2005 at 646am

  2. Oh, We for got to tell you… when you were here last October Jodi and I taught him to pull your armhair. We knew how much you missed us doing it when we were little… Just wait til it is shorts season : ) We love you guys.


    08 Apr 2005 at 636pm

  3. I swear I did NOT read that comment before I left mine!!


    08 Apr 2005 at 637pm

  4. Hey, comments galore!! You were the younger brother. It was my sisterly duty to “torture” you. Come to think of it, you don’t wear shorts around me anymore. 😉 Now I get to pass the duty onto Matty. JIll — you weren’t supposed to tell Mike that; it was our secret. 🙂


    08 Apr 2005 at 1045pm

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