A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Many interests.

Matt, a lover of books, music, and toys.


Written by Donna

18 Apr 2005 at 911am

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  1. He’s well-rounded, just like his parents!


    18 Apr 2005 at 1216pm

  2. Matty pulls the books off the shelves, too?


    21 Apr 2005 at 937pm

  3. He does, but only if they’re just sitting there. Back in the day, we crammed most of the books tight, and he’s not strong enough to pull them loose. In the photo, that blue book will be on the floor in moments, but the other books are wedged too tightly together.

    Just a tip for those with tons of books and a young’un.

    PS: His parents actually read the books, too! 🙂


    22 Apr 2005 at 526am

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