A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah


We’re trying, he’s trying.

He still doesn’t take to any real table food, but we still do our best to introduce him to new things. Oranges seem to be going alright. And the biter cookies are going for a couple of nibbles at least. Next week, veggie burgers! Oh, I’m kidding, or am I?


Written by Donna

04 May 2005 at 942am

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  1. He’s a big fan of the citrus family. No worries about scurvy for this one.


    04 May 2005 at 1114am

  2. what about mac n cheese?


    04 May 2005 at 858pm

  3. He likes mac n cheese, yep, baby mac n cheese. Which doesn’t count!


    05 May 2005 at 1216pm

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