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Celebrating Matty and Noah

One year

A year ago, I posted:

mattyfirstday mattyfirstday mattyfirstday mattyfirstday mattyfirstday

BORN: 07 May 2004, 0158
HEIGHT: 20-1/2″
WEIGHT: 9 lb, 4 oz

It seems unbelievable, but Matty is one year old today. He’s now 32″ and 25 lb, 8 oz. He’s progressed in ways that amaze us, even though every baby goes through the same steps. He’s a walking (almost), talking (almost!), alert little man who is only going to move upwards and onwards. Donna and I are ever more impressed every day, and we never stop thanking God for our good fortune.


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07 May 2005 at 120pm

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  1. And he is lucky to have you guys as parents. šŸ™‚


    07 May 2005 at 1103pm

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