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Darth Tater

In honor of Episode III (which we’ll see on DVD), I present:

Darth Tater: Mr. Potato Head figurine

Some of the best lines I’ve heard:

  • “No, I am your totter.”
  • “Trust your peelings.”
  • “Luke, I have drained you well.”
  • “Luke, I am your farmer.”
  • “Use the fork, Luke.”

Written by Michael

27 May 2005 at 934am

Posted in Misc.

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  1. Use the fork! That kills me!


    27 May 2005 at 949am

  2. I like “Trust your peelings.”


    27 May 2005 at 952am

  3. If you can’t trust your “peelings”, then what can you trust? heh 🙂


    27 May 2005 at 353pm

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