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Celebrating Matty and Noah

Non scaredy-cat.

When I was a little kid I had this irrational fear/disdain/all around icky feeling about those coiled doorstops. Something about that twang. It was a hideous and scary noise to me and I recall always daring myself internally to go and pluck it. For what reason? I have no clue. So initially I thought I had passed it on to my beloved firstborn as Matt would crawl by it, look at it curiously, and then move on. Over time, he would stop longer and stare at it. We would sit down with him and pluck it ourselves to show him that the twang is nothing to be afraid of. But nothing doin’. He would reach out tentatively and then retreat and move away. This went on for maybe months. It wasn’t a big deal, sort of an interesting notable. But there’s been a change! He is a scaredy-cat no mo’! Now he’ll go and pluck for the twang all by himself! Yes, he is amazing.

Written by Donna

31 May 2005 at 119pm

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  1. cool shirt my baby matty, looks good

    aunt shari

    31 May 2005 at 220pm

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