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Happy belated 27th Birthday Jill! We love you!

Written by Michael

31 Aug 2005 at 804am

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Matty Laughs and Laughs

OK! Here is a first-run production. It’s not very good, and you have to download the Google Video Player, but it’s Matty! And if it works for everyone (it should work for for the non-Mac users), we’ll do some more!

Matty laughs!

Written by Michael

31 Aug 2005 at 803am

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There’s a redhead in the house!

After nearly a year of hemming and hawing (remember these?), of asking me constantly, “Would I look cute with short hair?” “Huh? Would I? Would I?!”, and cutting out pictures from magazine ads, “I think I like this one. I want this haircut,” Donna finally took the plunge. “It’s only hair, right? If I don’t like it, it will grow back. I can wear a hat, too!”

She knew she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love , so the first big snip was a huge ponytail.

hair today!hair still here!the big snip!
it's so light!the tail!I love it!

She could have stopped here. But Donna, when she makes up her mind, she goes full-tilt. Cutting 10+ inches wasn’t enough — she picked out a delightful shade of red.

red, red, did you hear what I said, redred and a smilered over the eye

Isn’t she lovely? I know so. Then again, she’s always gorgeous, and no matter what she had done, she would be my lovely. Donna loves her new hair, and we both wonder why she didn’t do it sooner.

Written by Michael

26 Aug 2005 at 944pm

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Salty Bush

What does it mean that George W Bush, a man who has demonstrated little ability for reflection, who is known to read no newspapers and whose headlong charge into disaster after cataclysm has shown a complete ignorance of history, who wants to throw out centuries of scientific learning and replace it with mythical mumbo-jumbo that he mistakenly calls religion, who preaches Christianity but seems to have never read the teachings of the great anti-war activist, Jesus Christ, is now spending his vacation reading my book, Salt: A World History?

Written by Michael

23 Aug 2005 at 1100am

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New pics! (finally)

Written by Donna

23 Aug 2005 at 836am

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