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I’m probably opening myself up to retaliation (:twisted:), but I thought I would throw this out there!

fake drivers license for jodi

Happy Birthday, Jodi! You know I’ll be there next year!

Written by Michael

18 Nov 2005 at 948am

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  1. And what fun I will have next year. 😉


    18 Nov 2005 at 957am

  2. We will all (or have all) visit you in Thirtytown!… We love you. Happy Day.


    18 Nov 2005 at 1005am

  3. Happy 30th Jodi! Welcome to the club! It’s great here, for sure.


    18 Nov 2005 at 336pm

  4. Wait until you visit FIFTYVILLE. Then you will have plenty of company and wrinkles. hee hee.

    Debbie Justen

    06 Dec 2005 at 845pm

  5. Mike, I will be sending you your birthday gift as soon as I remember how to work amazon.com.

    Debbie Justen

    06 Dec 2005 at 847pm

  6. Nope; I’m 29 for the foreseeable future.


    08 Dec 2005 at 528am

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