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18 months

In honor of your 18 month birthday we celebrated in the following festive ways.

I let you flush the toilet 3 times today.
You learned how to use the pump on the hand lotion. (I found this out by you walking into the room with splats of lotion peppered on your t-shirt.)
You dumped your sippy cup of water on our bed.
You threw yourself on my lap and wouldn’t look up when the little girls at the playground tried to talk to you. (It was so very sweet, especially when I lifted you up and saw the smirky smile on your face.)

It’s been a lovely day with my lovey.
I look at you in amazement. You’re so tall!
You are learning new things all the time and it continues to be such a blast to hang out with you.
I love how you clap and yell excitedly to get us to clap and yell excitedly.
I love how you strum your bellybutton.
I love how you carry my shoes around for no reason whatsoever.
And I love how you open your dresser drawers and take out all of your extra sheets and clothes.

(Okay, well, except for that last one.)

Bring on the terrible twos, I’m ready!

Happy day Matty, happy day to you.


I like this one, he thinks he’s hiding and I can’t see him.


Written by Donna

07 Nov 2005 at 622pm

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Why Theo Left

Bill Simmon’s insightful column about Theo Epstein’s resignation from the Boston Red Sox.

Written by Michael

03 Nov 2005 at 225pm

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01Nov05, approaching sundown.

matt and papa

Written by Donna

02 Nov 2005 at 319pm

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