A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

New Little Face pics.

One of his new things.

The eyes have it.

We are trying to make dinner more exciting.

Yesterday we braved the chill and headed to the playground.


Written by Donna

01 Dec 2005 at 252pm

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  1. So I can’t decide which one will be my desktop photo. They’re all incredibly cute.


    02 Dec 2005 at 909am

  2. I know. But the eyes, the eyes, they are soooo sweet.


    02 Dec 2005 at 932am

  3. Is he playing and using the table as his fort? Nana makes good forts.
    Only 3 more weeks.

    Vicki Loob

    02 Dec 2005 at 1157am

  4. love that sweatshirt…


    02 Dec 2005 at 354pm

  5. All of the pictures are wonderful. He sure is a cute little man.

    Debbie Justen

    06 Dec 2005 at 850pm

  6. Is he looking for his belly button in the one picture? 🙂 Love that smile of his.


    08 Dec 2005 at 116am

  7. If he’s got his shirt up and his hands are not visible, yeah, he’s strumming his belly button.


    08 Dec 2005 at 527am

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