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Matt helped pick out a good one.

After it’s up, Matty greets all the people in the manger.

And here she is.


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12 Dec 2005 at 1221pm

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Matt & Green Bear

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12 Dec 2005 at 1217pm

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Our anniversary celebration included us making each other t-shirts in following the traditional second anniversary gift of cotton.
We came across this excellent (and cheap!) screenprinting process and used it to print the images on our shirts. We both did them in secret until the final reveal. I liked the process and results so much that I decided to make Little Face a shirt of his own.

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12 Dec 2005 at 1214pm

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Eye of the Tiger. Sorta.

I really wanted to do only one thing when we visited Philadelphia, run up the steps of the Phila. Museum of Art a la Rocky.
We both did it and we both made it! On the top, after Mike snapped my picture, the maintenance guys nearby yelled “Yo Adrian!”.

Matt decided to forego the climb and opt for a nappie in his bubble.

On the way home, notice Matt finds his bellybutton even under his safety belt.

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12 Dec 2005 at 1206pm

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New Little Face pics.

One of his new things.

The eyes have it.

We are trying to make dinner more exciting.

Yesterday we braved the chill and headed to the playground.

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01 Dec 2005 at 252pm

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