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He’s getting used to hangin’ out in the kitchen with us.



Written by Donna

12 Feb 2006 at 302pm

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Loves those books.


Written by Donna

12 Feb 2006 at 301pm

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Lunchtime serenade.

He did not like my rendition of “I’m a Little Teapot”. And he let me know it.


Written by Donna

12 Feb 2006 at 300pm

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Today at baby gym.

I actually remembered the camera today. He’s been going for about 3 weeks now and each time we’re there (we go about 3 times a week), he seems to get more and more brave and adventurous. Today he even hung onto the rings and swayed back and forth! (Sadly I didn’t have my camera at the ready at that point, I was too busy beaming about my boy! On the rings! Like a star!)


A flying dolphin!


Written by Donna

09 Feb 2006 at 117am

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Zippy zipper Blue sleeper.

A favorite!


Written by Donna

09 Feb 2006 at 113am

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It was gray that day, yes.

So Matty stayed in his jammies ’til noon.


Written by Donna

09 Feb 2006 at 112am

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As Long as We Both Shall Live

If you’re in the mood to affirm long-term commitment with your lovey, you could do worse than sitting down and surfing through As Long As We Both Shall Live (via The Rage Diaries).

Written by Michael

08 Feb 2006 at 202pm

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