A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Photo series: Diaper boy, big smiles

Matty loves to situate himself into the top corner crook of the couch.

I caught him just before his bath, so we starting singing and he started giggling madly. My singing usually does that to him.


He has many, many nice white teeth and he loves to show ’em off.


Written by Donna

24 Apr 2006 at 235pm

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  1. Ah, yes. I can’t take credit for making him laugh like this. With my singing, Matty stops and stares off into space, swaying gently, very much like you do when your favorite song comes on.



    24 Apr 2006 at 324pm

  2. Uh, yeah, sure, just like that. Heh.


    25 Apr 2006 at 1107am

  3. Matty is beautiful! What a handsome kid…..You guys should be proud. His smile is contagious, you know? Hope all is well.



    27 Apr 2006 at 919pm

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