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Written by Donna

12 Apr 2006 at 1105pm

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When Matt got new shoes.

It was crowded that day at Stride Rite. Matty didn’t care much, he wondered around amongst the other whippersnappers and eyed up some new kicks.

These are a little grainy as the camera phone doesn’t have a flash.


Written by Donna

12 Apr 2006 at 1101pm

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Donna’s other blog

For a while now, Donna has been exercising her creative skills. It’s not just bags and purses, but also jewelry, clothing, and, my favorite, food.

She’s incredibly talented, and everything she makes is cute as all get-out. I’m a proud owner of a custom made bag, t-shirts, necklaces, and (soon!) keychain.

Messenger bag modeled after daring fireball

If I wore earrings, Donna would make those, too!

Check out With These Hands!

Written by Michael

03 Apr 2006 at 904am

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Matty Swings

He can ride the swings for hours. Oh, the tantrums when it’s time to go!

Written by Michael

03 Apr 2006 at 818am

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Matty Found the Vacuum

He really enjoys his little model, but to make him bust out the happy dance, you’ve got to bring out the big model.

Written by Michael

03 Apr 2006 at 815am

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