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Nana Comes to Town

All last week, we had a visitor! That’s right, Nana came to town and enjoyed, hopefully, our hospitality. It was hard to say who enjoyed it more …

  • Mama and Papa — who got their first night away in over two years
  • Matty — who got a new playmate
  • Nana — who enjoyed serious bonding time with Matty

We unfortunately do not have that many pictures, to our great loss. But we do have some fantastic memories.

Nana shows Matty the shapes. He really paid attention, and even started to try to make a crescent (c) shape.


Then Matty enjoyed some quality horsing time — tickle, piggyback, and posing time.


Every one of us had a lovely time, and we all miss Nana very much. Here’s hoping she has many more trips to our end of the country!

Written by Michael

31 May 2006 at 738pm

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Where the planes are.

We had a few moments to enjoy the moving sidewalk and the big planes while waiting for Nana to arrive.


Written by Donna

31 May 2006 at 723pm

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Good little brusher.


Written by Donna

29 May 2006 at 819am

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The workout.


Written by Donna

29 May 2006 at 818am

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Jungle gym.

No swings here, much to Little Face’s dismay.


Written by Donna

29 May 2006 at 715am

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We won!

Our TiVo is one of our favorite possessions. We record our favorite shows, we search for favorite movies, and, ever since the last software update, we even play games, look at our photos, and get the weather report. There’s also a feature where you can guess who’s getting eliminated next on American Idol. TiVo then randomly selects a few winning entries for a weekly prize. They’ve been giving away some nice loot.

We don’t even watch AI (The Amazing Race and Lost take precedence), but one idle (get it?! 🙂 ) day, as I’m fooling around, I decide to cast a vote. Of the five people left, Paris seems weakest, and we cast our vote for her. Wednesday comes and goes, and we learn, a few days later, that Paris did indeed get booted.

Since we don’t enter many contests, and when we do, we don’t win, we didn’t think much of it. But Donna happened to check our junk mail folder, and we had an email from a TiVo representative. Nikon Coolpix 5200 You guessed it: we won! Our selection of Paris qualified us for a random drawing, and we were one of 10 winners that week.

Our prize? A Nikon Coolpix 5200. It’s last year’s model, and definitely not even close to Nikon’s top-of-the-line model, but still a sweet, sweet prize all the same!

Don’t believe us? Check it out.

W00t! Thanks, TiVo!

Written by Michael

14 May 2006 at 430pm

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Stills from the happy birthday.

He loved the balloons but didn’t eat the cake. Shocker! It was yummy though, Mike and I can vouch for that.



The hat wasn’t a huge thrill either. At least I got one good photo though.


It was a lot harder to make that 2 than I originally anticipated, but it came out pretty well I think. (And look how nice he looks in his new shirt from G’ma Chrissy!)


The best part? It went from 2, to question mark,


To Pac-man!


And then it was back to playing. Not new toys though, pictures and peek-a-boo, go figure!


Written by Donna

09 May 2006 at 1131am

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