A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

From there to here. What a lovely 2 years.

To my Matty,

I just looked over at you, standing at the window, and it just struck me how big your feet have gotten! When did this happen exactly? I suppose when you got to be 37 inches tall, which was just confirmed at the doctors. No longer are you under our knees, though you still enjoy being underfoot a lot of times. Which I gladly continue to embrace. Today, we sat on the couch together and I counted your toes outloud and when I was done you looked at me, smiled, and clapped enthusiastically. To get applause for counting is still a great thrill and I thank you! These little moments that are stringed together to make up our days are what makes being your mama such a blast. You are very funny and very sweet and I couldn’t imagine a day without you. It’s like you have always been here with us and I love that. You do some many cute things every day that are fun to watch and never cease to make us giggle.

The way you get real close to my face in the morning and smile.
The way you run to the kitchen when you’re hungry.
The way you have to know what’s going on outside when you hear a noise.
The way you love to listen to classical music.
The way you laugh and laugh when I say “banana” or “musical notes”.
The way you now smile, with ALL of your teeth AND gums.
The way you try to decide which toy to relinquish when I’m handing you a pretzel.
The way you play “Where’s Matty??” behind the living room curtains.
The way you fly over to the door to see the buses go by.
The way you run.
The way you play.
The way you sleep.
The way you laugh.
The way you smile.
The way you are.

I love you Matthew.
Happy Birthday.





Written by Donna

07 May 2006 at 158am

Posted in Misc.

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  1. Awesome!

    And yes, it’s all true.


    09 May 2006 at 1139am

  2. very nice mama donna.. geez i can’t believe that he’s two already…i hope that he had a very happy birthday with his mama & his papa


    09 May 2006 at 137pm

  3. awww…what a beautiful letter.


    10 May 2006 at 1117am

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