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Nana Comes to Town

All last week, we had a visitor! That’s right, Nana came to town and enjoyed, hopefully, our hospitality. It was hard to say who enjoyed it more …

  • Mama and Papa — who got their first night away in over two years
  • Matty — who got a new playmate
  • Nana — who enjoyed serious bonding time with Matty

We unfortunately do not have that many pictures, to our great loss. But we do have some fantastic memories.

Nana shows Matty the shapes. He really paid attention, and even started to try to make a crescent (c) shape.


Then Matty enjoyed some quality horsing time — tickle, piggyback, and posing time.


Every one of us had a lovely time, and we all miss Nana very much. Here’s hoping she has many more trips to our end of the country!


Written by Michael

31 May 2006 at 738pm

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  1. Note that he’s sitting in his new chair!


    01 Jun 2006 at 403pm

  2. I see that…cool. 🙂 I know mom enjoyed her visit alot, too.


    03 Jun 2006 at 1121am

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