A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Park today.

We headed out early, trying to beat the heat.
I think we would have had to have left at 3 in the morning to beat the heat.
But I slathered him up good with sunscreen.

First we played in the sand. Which was still wet from the ridiculous rains that occurred over the past week.


After a while, Matty walked over to the swings, looked at me and signed “all done”, which means, “Mama, why are you still playing with the sand? We’re done with that, now it’s swingtime!”

I can read him like a book I tell ya.


I delayed the swings in favor of a few trips down the slide. He did make it known at one point that the green plastic was mighty hot on his little legs. He braved it anyway.



Written by Donna

29 Jun 2006 at 219pm

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  1. So effin’ cute!

    We can kind of see that the slide is hot in that last photo. That’s “touching gingerly” if I ever saw it.

    (Insert “touching gingerly” joke here.)

    (On second thought, don’t. 🙂 )


    29 Jun 2006 at 435pm

  2. he’s a cutie. 🙂


    11 Jul 2006 at 1052pm

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