A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Uh, yeah, I let it get real bad.

Real bad.

Really, really bad.

matt511.jpg ( I swear we don’t ever put hair clippies in his mop! Just that one time! Heh.)

So after hanging out on the balcony last night and watching Matty brush the hair out of his eyes for the millionth time, we headed inside, fired up Blues Clues and I started snipping away.


Right before the scissors started!


And moments after completion.


Night and day! Aww, our baby can see again!


Written by Donna

12 Jul 2006 at 728pm

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  1. Matt looks great. The picture with the clip brings back memories… 😉


    14 Jul 2006 at 252am

  2. I didn’t know I had such a pretty niece :-).


    14 Jul 2006 at 242pm

  3. Aw, boo. Sisters….

    Matty actually looked really nice with the hair, but when he started rubbing his eyes all the time, we had to help him out a bit. It really is night and day — rubbing his head is a ton of fun.


    18 Jul 2006 at 905am

  4. that’s what sisters are for. 🙂


    24 Jul 2006 at 1103am

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