A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Recent pics.

Now, granted, I didn’t know Mike when he was a little boy, but I’ve seen plenty of cute pictures of him and Oh-My-Holy-Goodness, Matty looks just like his papa!


Eatin’ his tasty pretzels.


And getting fingerprints on the camera lens.


Yup, still too small for the basketball. Actually, we play our own version in the house, it involves the laundry basket and indeed it’s just like the real thing!


He doesn’t smile a lot when it’s still 800 million degrees plus humidity and we try and go to the park. Neither do I! But we tough it out, otherwise we’d go bonkers with the cabin fever.

Written by Donna

25 Jul 2006 at 501pm

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  1. Mike actually had a pair of glasses very similiar to the ones in the picture…Matty does look like his papa, but he has some of his mama in him, too. The best of both worlds.


    26 Jul 2006 at 118am

  2. Yep, right down to the dorky, multi-colored clothes.


    26 Jul 2006 at 734am

  3. What’s amazing to me is how long he tolerated the glasses. He’s getting better with hats too!

    We’ll make him an undercover spy yet.


    26 Jul 2006 at 742am

  4. Aww… little Mikey… before he hated to be called Mikey:-)


    26 Jul 2006 at 1135pm

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