A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Summer Vegas Trip.

It all starts with the plane.
And it’s all good.
Matty is the greatest, as always. A perfect little traveling companion.
As long as the gluten-free pretzels and rice milk were flowing, he was a-okay.
I always love to watch him watching the ground activity when we’re waiting for takeoff. I like to think he’s keeping an eagle-eye on our luggage and making sure it’s not man-handled.


Seeing the girls (Jill,Ellie,Tai,Jodi,Denny,Gramma B!) again was great fun. And everyone got a little crayon-picturing-making action happening.


We neglected to take our camera to our lovely dinner at Dad & Cyn’s house, but we had a great time!

The next night Little Face knocked off very early, so Mike and I took advantage of Nana keeping watch and headed onto the strip. But first we took a “little” detour so I can see the actual Vegas sign in real life. It was a thrill, for sure. Especially when we were on the 15 heading closer and closer to California? But anyways, I got a photo and yeah, it looks pretty darned puny in real life. Eh.


When we finally parked and headed into the casino, we did what any adult would do, headed to the arcade!


Oh and um, Ms. Pacman is hard.

The next day was our final day there and we spent the evening over at Jill’s celebrating her birthday. And Nana’s! Presents and yummy food and delicious cupcakes and all that ICE CREAM! (Is there still some left?)

Mike, the candid photographer, was on the prowl (though I think Ellie gave him a run for his money):


Plus some nice “kid” shots:


And look, 4 generations (hands in the air!):


And then, all the goodbyes, a quick nap at Nana’s, then back to the airport we went. That visit was way too short.


(They don’t call it the red-eye for nothing!)


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15 Sep 2006 at 804pm

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  1. It was way too short, but as always, so great to see you guys. 🙂 (and yes, we still have ice cream left)


    15 Sep 2006 at 853pm

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