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Halloween ’06!

I initially had my heart set on making Matt Humpty-Dumpty this year.
But Little Face barely wears a hat without complaint, so Mike and I figured he wouldn’t take to a big giant egg around his head and body. Maybe next year?

Our second choice?

Of course.

I made the shirt and added Blue pawprints. And Matty gets to carry around his handy-dandy notebook (and crayon) all day.

So here’s Joe:


And here’s “Joe”:


The likeness is uncanny, right?


And here are Princess Jasmine Ellie and Pirate Tai, yarrgghhhh matey…


Written by Donna

31 Oct 2006 at 1045am

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He’s like a puppy.
Or you know, a typical 2 year old?
Just when you think he’s fading and settling down, he’ll get his second wind (and third wind, and fourth wind, etc.) and be all up and jumping around.
His favorite is to jump on the sofa.
Or, the less attractive option of, us.
So we bought him a new kid size trampoline.
He doesn’t really make the connection too much yet though.
He’ll stand on the trampoline and we’ll say “jump Matty!” and he’ll march. Which is actually totally cute.



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19 Oct 2006 at 328pm

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Sleeper sofa.

So one day I’ll put together this whole photographic montage-collage-thingy of Little Face sacked out on the couch.

Because lookie here, here’s another!

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19 Oct 2006 at 322pm

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Matty Feeds Himself!

Words cannot express how delighted we are.

Written by Michael

19 Oct 2006 at 818am

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Series: Matt and his books.

Right now, he’s got a few definite favorites.
This Ernie one being one of them. That booklet is actually supposed to be used with the Power Touch computer, but Matty likes to go without it, just him and his book and his brain power, which I can totally respect!
He can point out lots of things when asked, plus, if you start singing the alphabet and pause, he’ll point to the correct next letter. He knows the whole darn thing!


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04 Oct 2006 at 508pm

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02 Oct 2006 at 501pm

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