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Signing time.

Since getting our Signing Time DVDs, we’ve noticed a huge jump in Matt’s signing abilities.
He asks to watch them everyday and loves them even more than Blues Clues.
Can you believe it?

The DVDs are great. Lots of repetitiveness and lots of music and cool, catchy songs. I find myself singing them throughout the day.


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28 Feb 2007 at 439pm

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Kicking back relaxing.


I don’t even mind footprints on the window.

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28 Feb 2007 at 435pm

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We told Matty to go up and give the snow dude a kiss.
He went right up, looked at him, and knocked his head off.
But then he gingerly picked up the snow noggin and put it back right!
(Only slightly askew.)


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14 Feb 2007 at 724pm

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Boots and sneakers.

Not having a car means you’re out in the cold. A lot. So we are keeping Matty’s precious tootsies warm with a new pair of awesome boots. To our surprise, he took them immediately. He loves ’em so much that he wears ’em about 70% of the day? Even with the jammies!



(I was tired. And cold! Matty was reading to me. He’s very thoughtful.)


On Tuesday, it was the first time Matty has fallen asleep on our way home from school. Aww. School is tiring yo.


If it’s not his boots, it’s whatever shoes he can find that he can put on himself. These are mine of course, and seriously, he’s getting really good at walking around in them.

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01 Feb 2007 at 1151pm

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