A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Boots and sneakers.

Not having a car means you’re out in the cold. A lot. So we are keeping Matty’s precious tootsies warm with a new pair of awesome boots. To our surprise, he took them immediately. He loves ’em so much that he wears ’em about 70% of the day? Even with the jammies!



(I was tired. And cold! Matty was reading to me. He’s very thoughtful.)


On Tuesday, it was the first time Matty has fallen asleep on our way home from school. Aww. School is tiring yo.


If it’s not his boots, it’s whatever shoes he can find that he can put on himself. These are mine of course, and seriously, he’s getting really good at walking around in them.


Written by Donna

01 Feb 2007 at 1151pm

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  1. love the pictures. 🙂 I want to start singing that nancy sinatra song…”These boots are made for walking…”


    11 Feb 2007 at 227am

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