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The haircut.

For a while, I was adamant.
I poo-poo’d anyone who said that he needed a haircut.
Even Mike said, “It’s really growing on me.”
But last Friday, I just glanced over at Little Face and realized, his locks were bordering on unruly and alas, it was time.

So, here we were, before:


And the after:



Yeah, I still kept his bangs on the longer side. I think it gives him style. He totally works it.


The boys.
Now Mike is saying he should cut his.
But he’s worried it won’t look as awesome as Matt’s.

Written by Donna

24 Apr 2007 at 954am

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Easter means a lot of things to me.
Most important it’s the day of Jesus’ resurrection.
But I can also appreciate the candy!
Growing up my grandma always made me and my sisters awesome Easter baskets.
This year, I did the same thing for the boys.
Now since Matty doesn’t eat candy (yet!), I filled his with small toys and bubbles.
Mike? Yeah, his was all candy. Which should last us ’til about next Tuesday?



Written by Donna

10 Apr 2007 at 1119am

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His new thing.

He puts his feet up.
Just like us!
Though because he’s still a shorty (relatively speaking), it’s more of a balancing act for him.


Written by Donna

10 Apr 2007 at 1114am

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