A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

The last day of school. Sniff.

I cannot believe it’s been a whole school year.
Picking up Matty for the last time today was certainly bittersweet.
Sweet because of how wonderful the school year has been for him.
He’s learned so much and come so far.
Meeting new people, becoming close with his teacher and aides.
Enjoying the whole environment, the whole experience so much.
I know he’ll miss it.
I will too.
I felt comfortable with his day despite the fact that I did miss him a lot.
I continued to marvel how darned quiet it is around our place without his humming and singing!
But every school year comes to a close and he’ll be moving on and up and will get to know even more great people and do even more great things.
My bubs.
He’s smart and there’s no stopping him.

Now a few pics to commemorate the day.

matt778.jpg matt779.jpg
matt780.jpg matt782.jpg

And a little side by side comparison.

First day:


And last day:


Written by Donna

22 Jun 2007 at 546pm

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  1. look at the difference in his height! You can compare by checking where his head is in relation to the window. He is past the blue sill in the June picture.
    I love you all


    26 Jun 2007 at 1107am

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