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Matty can read.

I wasn’t sure at first.
But then I started adding some flashcards into his worktime, ones that required him to be familiar with words.
He did great at it.
But his speech therapist and I weren’t sure if he was only matching the first letter sound with the object (that was labeled with the word itself along with the picture) or if he was actually reading the whole word.
So I slowly began to take away the label away and just work with pictures.
Then I required him to take the word cards I made and match them with the picture cards I made.
Recently, I just had him read the words and tell me what it said, no picture reference at all.
He knew the difference between cat and hat. And train and rain.
He can read.
He’s very thoughtful about it too.
Totally warms my heart with pride.

This video shows some work from today.
He responds with his language of ASL.


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28 Aug 2007 at 215pm

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A series: Adventures in fingerpainting.

matt804.jpg matt805.jpg matt806.jpg

matt807.jpg matt808.jpg

He liked the big washing bowl more than the actual painting, I think.

matt809.jpg matt811.jpg matt812.jpg




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28 Aug 2007 at 130pm

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27 Aug 2007 at 1229pm

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New park.

Matt and I visited a new park last week.
I love it because it’s actually well-shaded, making it a bunch cooler than some of the other local tot-spots.
It also had a fun water area.
Matty had a good time there for a while…

matt796.jpg matt797.jpg

matt798.jpg matt799.jpg

And then, of course, it was onto the swings. Still his fav.


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21 Aug 2007 at 750pm

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He still likes to jump on the bed.
And the couch.
And the big chair.

If we say, “Matty no jumping on the couch, go jump on your trampoline.”
He will!
And he’s good at it. Doesn’t even need to hold on anymore.


And yeah, he needs that hair cut, again!

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08 Aug 2007 at 1021am

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