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My sleeping angel.


Written by Donna

20 Sep 2007 at 938pm

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Photos by Papa.

Oh hey there brown eyes…


We have a never-ending supply of chewed-up toothbrushes.
At least his teeth are clean and white!


Written by Donna

17 Sep 2007 at 256pm

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First day of the new school year.

And I was the only one who cried.

He did great.
Better than great!
He met new teachers and a new student, as well as recognized his old classmates.
And as per his teacher, he fell right back into tasks and routines with no issues or problems.
In fact, he embraced them!
I knew he’d be great.

A few pics…

Hey, this place looks familiar:


Very handsome:



Written by Donna

11 Sep 2007 at 245pm

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A series: Matty & Mama, in black and white



Written by Donna

05 Sep 2007 at 1250pm

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Here’s a haircut!

The before:

(Which I love, but yeah, it does get in his way after a while.)

matt815.jpg matt816.jpg

And the after:

He’s excited about it!


matt818.jpg matt819.jpg matt817.jpg

Written by Donna

03 Sep 2007 at 244pm

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