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The boys.

Big swing!
matt843.jpg matt844.jpg

Noah’s new Bumbo seat, being quality tested and approved by big brother Matt.
matt846.jpg matt845.jpg


Noah’s bellybutton stump came off on day 9. He had his first submerged bath that night. He was not thrilled.
noah16.jpg noah17.jpg
noah18.jpg noah19.jpg

Visiting with Gramma B.
noah20.jpg noah21.jpg

Hanging out in the Boppy.


Noah and Nana.

More Boppy time. It turns out this is a good way to keep Noah awake for a bit during the day, having him hang out in the Boppy while we coo and make funny faces at him.
noah23.jpg noah24.jpg noah25.jpg

Today at Gravelly Point, watching airplanes take off, braving the cool winds, and running around.
matt850.jpg matt849.jpg

Another cozy sleepyhead.

Written by Donna

28 Oct 2007 at 300pm

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A very welcome addition.

We’re proud to introduce our newest lovey.

Noah Michael Hessling
Born: 16 October 2007
Weight: 8 pounds 15 ounces
Length: 20 inches

Here are the first pics!

noah2.jpg noah3.jpg

noah5.jpg noah6.jpg

noah7.jpg noah8.jpg

And now we’re home.
Our family.
It’s gonna be fun.
I’m very excited.
And very blessed.

noah12.jpg noah13.jpg noah14.jpg


Written by Donna

18 Oct 2007 at 732pm

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Carb overload.

Matty loves bread.
No, no, scratch that.
Matty LOVES bread.
His favorites lately include Rosemary Olive Oil and Sesame Semolina.
You know it’s a good bread when the chicken falls asleep whilst still clutching a slice.


Written by Donna

08 Oct 2007 at 1105pm

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Post-season craftiness.

Before we even knew the Red Sox would make it to the ALDS, let alone the championships, Matty and I set to work on some Boston crafty goodness for our front door.

matt837.jpg matt838.jpg matt839.jpg

Don’t you just love October baseball?


Written by Donna

08 Oct 2007 at 1102pm

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