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The girls came to visit!

And boy what fun we had.
Our home has never been so full of giggles and energy and little feet!
Matty loved having his cousins here.
Noah? Well, you know, he only cares about bottles and sleeping right now.

I actually remembered to take lots of pictures.
Points for me.
Brace yourself, there’s lots of ’em!

girlsvisit1.jpg girlsvisit2.jpg girlsvisit3.jpg

girlsvisit4.jpg girlsvisit5.jpg girlsvisit6.jpg

girlsvisit7.jpg girlsvisit8.jpg girlsvisit9.jpg

girlsvisit10.jpg girlsvisit11.jpg girlsvisit12.jpg

girlsvisit13.jpg girlsvisit14.jpg girlsvisit15.jpg

girlsvisit16.jpg girlsvisit17.jpg girlsvisit18.jpg

girlsvisit19.jpg girlsvisit20.jpg girlsvisit21.jpg

girlsvisit22.jpg girlsvisit23.jpg

girlsvisit24.jpg girlsvisit26.jpg girlsvisit27.jpg

Thank you for coming! We had a great time and we miss you already!
Matty keeps signing family and pointing to the door or asking us to get in the car to go fetch you. Awwwww.

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26 Nov 2007 at 640pm

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One of his favorite places.




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12 Nov 2007 at 638pm

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Orange pants.

It’s finally fall here.
It’s my favorite season ya know.
With that, I like dressing the boys in autumnal colors.
Which is kinda difficult, being that “they” hardly make wee baby clothes in colors other than spring-like pastels.
So while I get a lot of good stuff for Matt, Noah’s wardrobe is quite the challenge.
But lookie, orange pants!
And they’re striped.
Which is even more awesome.
I get excited about the littlest things.




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12 Nov 2007 at 634pm

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Matty and Noah.

Or Little Face and Noah-Tomato.

(Noah-Tomato because he gets this red hue about him sporadically throughout the day. Like when he’s stretching. Or erm, tootin’. It’s actually quite funny.)



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12 Nov 2007 at 629pm

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Pumpkins, our boys, smiles.

Three of my most favorite things.

matt851.jpg matt852.jpg

We meant to paint these when Nana was here, but somehow never got around to it. New babies in the house will most definitely cause delays in such extracurricular activities, you see.
But we still had some fun painting these little guys.

Our results:

Incredible likenesses, no?


The boys, together.


And Matty drooling over the holiday Toys R Us booklet.


In the big comfy chair!


Erm, I think he’s all giving me the hand? Or something.
That shirt, by the way, is from the very awesome Circular Accessories. I love her stuff and so does Matty.


And my Noah, doing what he does best.


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01 Nov 2007 at 515pm

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