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3 weeks into tank ownership.

Fish count:

9 alive
2 babies born (or rather, 2 babies survived?)
2 snails
2 dead

I like to pull up a chair and watch them. Matty usually joins me.
I do this more than once daily, as it’s quite soothing.

But really I’m just very nosy.


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25 Feb 2008 at 138pm

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Walking in the woods.

matt885.jpg me1.jpg matt883.jpg mematty04.jpg



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24 Feb 2008 at 613pm

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The brothers.

It’s fun when they play together.
I think Matty even recognizes some of his old baby toys.

boys12.jpg boys13.jpg

Notice the drool?
Yep, the teething is earnest.


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24 Feb 2008 at 611pm

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Keeps him busy.


The truck track set that Nana sent is QUITE popular!
The best part is when the trucks go flying.
The worst part is when Matt lays his head on the tracks and the trucks wheels’ get caught in his hair. Hee! It has happened only twice!

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24 Feb 2008 at 608pm

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For my sweetheart.

My Little Face sweetheart, that is.

I made these fun (non-candy!) valentines for Matty and his schoolmates.
You can read all about them here, on my crafty blog.


The rest of the day was spent eating breakfast with Mike and Noey, relaxing and just enjoying the quiet, cold day. Birthday perfect.

us3.jpg boys7.jpg mematty01.jpg mematty02.jpg

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14 Feb 2008 at 600pm

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Voter & future voter.

For our own Super Tuesday, Noah and I braved the frigid temps and walked up to the polling place.
After I voted (Noah whispered his choice to me), we each got stickers.
Yay for the democratic process! Yay for stickers! Yay for my favorite hat!



His hand tastes good, he tells me.

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12 Feb 2008 at 556pm

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Brace yourselves people.

Because Noah?
Just as photogenic as the Mattster.
(I went a little nuts with the camera the other day.)

noah55.jpg noah54.jpg noah50.jpg

noah53.jpg noah49.jpg noah51.jpg

That face!


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02 Feb 2008 at 620pm

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