A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Matty likes his “new” room.

Ever since we first moved into this bigger place, I’ve been wanting to do something in the boys’ room. Something interesting. And fun.

Circles are awesome and fun, don’t cha know?

matt871.jpg matt872.jpg

Read more about the circles!


Written by Donna

02 Feb 2008 at 558pm

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  1. DUDE! Excellent work, it looks incredible.
    And LOVE the pigtails..
    All the pictures are so cute.
    Noah looks SO different, all the smiles and sweetness..it’s just too much!
    And Matty? Goodness, how do you hold yourself back from hurting him with all his cuteness?


    03 Feb 2008 at 956pm

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