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Ripped from the pages of the JCPenney catalog?

Could be.

I just wanted to take a picture of Matty in all his preppy glory and look at the posing he gives me!
He’s quite the handsome fellow.
That last one just kills me.

matt889.jpg matt888.jpg matt887.jpg

Written by Donna

04 Mar 2008 at 443pm

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Maybe he’ll be a virtuoso?

Could happen.
This keyboard (from grandpa) is really cool, it has a digital display that shows the notes on the staff. And Matty likes to watch them as he’s playing.
He’s actually quite good. I was seriously expecting some serious ear bleeding noise, but it isn’t bad at all. Sometimes it’s even melodic!


Written by Donna

04 Mar 2008 at 440pm

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So he gets a little sore…

…if I wake him from a snuggly slumber.



Written by Donna

04 Mar 2008 at 436pm

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Just like his big brother.

I’m glad we saved this from Matty’s infant days.
Noah loves to stand up.
And now he can whenever he wants.
My favorite is when he looks up at me and watches me cook dinner.
He gets so excited when I bring the walker in the kitchen.
I just love an audience!

noah59.jpg noah60.jpg noah61.jpg

Written by Donna

04 Mar 2008 at 435pm

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