A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

A proud moment.

The other day, Matty was playing in the living room and he took Noah’s blankie, put it over his head and stood there.
I couldn’t figure out why.
So I ask him, “What cha doin’ Matty?”
He took the blankie off, looked at me, then put it back on again. Then carefully felt around for his red shopping basket.
Then, I knew!
He was mimicking Joe from Blues Clues, the one where Joe plays Little Red Riding Hood in a play.
It was all kinds of awesome.
To see him mimic and also partake in pretend play (both challenges for autists) was a super proud moment for Mike and I.
I cried.
Then we got the camera!


Written by Donna

21 Jul 2008 at 734pm

Posted in Misc.

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  1. So I take blurry pictures! Whups. Still, yes, it was a great moment!


    25 Jul 2008 at 1103am

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