A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

August flew by!

But it was a great month indeed.
Noah is close to walking, Matty is talking more than ever, and we had an awesome visit with Aunt Gina.
Her first night here, we took Matty to the outdoor part of the Arlington County Fair.
And he loved it!
His favorite, by far, was the super slide.

Noah had a good time just watching all the action.

Oh and there was funnel cake?
(I thought I had a picture of the cake, but I probably ate it.)

Gina’s visit went way too fast and no sooner did we drop her back off at the airport did we start missing her like mad.
But before she went, she made Matty some AWESOME newspaper hats.

And we got to take some nice pictures over at Gravelly Point.

Matty still points to the door and asks for “aunt eena”!
Come back soon!

Written by Donna

01 Sep 2008 at 722pm

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  1. I also had a wonderful time and started to miss them as soon as I got out of the door!

    Aunt Gina

    07 Sep 2008 at 908pm

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