A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

We like to craft.

To keep us both from passing out of boredom, I break out the paper/glue/scissors.
This day, we made a birdhouse picture, because Matty has been particularly interested in them lately.
I drew a template guide for him and cut the rectangles, triangles, and circles we used in order to “build” the house.
He followed along nicely and thoroughly enjoyed the squeezing of the glue.
And the stamping part too!

We didn’t actually do any fingerprinting, despite this evidence to the contrary:

And the final product:

The “i” in birdhouse is laying down, but I think that’s my favorite part.
The stars Matty stamped into the sky too, so very sweet.
It’s going to be hung up in my workspace.
I can’t wait for the next masterpiece!


Written by Donna

01 Sep 2008 at 745pm

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  1. What a great picture.

    Aunt Gina

    07 Sep 2008 at 909pm

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