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We had a Happy Halloween!

This wasn’t Matty’s first year dressing up, but it was the first year that we went out trick-or-treating. And I think it was a hit.
It did take Matty a few tries before he realized that he wasn’t supposed to actually go into the houses.

Now since I’m more of candy-loving, non ghosts/goblins kinda girl, I made the boys’ costumes into something very cute and not in the least bit frightening.

Garden gnomes!

Here is Matty just before school. He was happy and a little bit shy in his home-made gnome togs.

The little gnome even did a little reading before we had to leave!

Now it was Noah’s turn.

And soon, we were off!

We hit the park first. To get some swinging in. You know how gnomes (specifically the one named Matty) loves the swings. It was also a perfect opportunity to get some good shots of the boys together.

After all the park fun, it was off to trick-or-treat!

Written by Donna

01 Nov 2008 at 959pm

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