A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah


Matty’s has had countless by now. But it was Noah’s big day. First time!
We found a hairdresser that specializes in kids hair AND makes housecalls. Her name was Crystal and she was wonderful. Quick and thorough and patient and she came with a bag of tricks to keep the boys occupied. As well as lollipops when it was all complete. Thumbs up!

We all know how long I like to let Matty’s hair go before we re-unite with the shears.
But did you know how long Noey’s was?


Crazy! (And Mike was giving the boys a run for their money too.)

Matty was first in the chair. Fancy poncho!


Then Noah:
(chubby feet alert!)


The afters, from that day:




And a few taken today. Noah’s hair is very wavy. (Just like mine can be!)


My Matty:


And here you can see Mike’s new cut too:



Written by Donna

22 Apr 2009 at 1042pm

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  1. Aww..so much sweetness! The boys are adorable. I see so much of Donna in that first after shot of Noah. 🙂 It’s the face that Donna makes when she’s checking her look in the mirror !!
    My favorite one of Matty is in the car wearing the shades. He looks like a cool rocker dude.


    23 Apr 2009 at 701am

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