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Oooh lunchtime…zzzzzz.



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26 Jun 2009 at 131pm

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Typical messy face.

Poor Noah took a digger when we were in Jersey. It made his face look little boy tough. The Newman-Os (like oreos) crumbs seal the deal.


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26 Jun 2009 at 129pm

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Matty is a super hero!

I made this super-hero cape for him because he likes the character Super Why.
Matty’s super power is the power to be AWESOME.


He’s on watch, looking out for anyone needing help!


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26 Jun 2009 at 126pm

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Sunday night at the park.

Enjoying some ice cream!




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26 Jun 2009 at 121pm

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They’re getting too big to ride together!

Oh noes!


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26 Jun 2009 at 117pm

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My little cherub.


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26 Jun 2009 at 1240pm

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Celebrating My Matty’s birthday.

Which was over a month ago. Jeez, I REALLY haven’t posted in a while.
Let’s see if I can remember back this far. Haha, just kidding.

I stitched up a super-duper birthday badge for Matty to wear on his big day. 5 years old! That’s a big one. 🙂
Mike and I set out some of his gifts from family and us so he would be surprised when he went to the table to go and eat breakfast. He WAS surprised!


matty5bday21 matty5bday3 matty5bday4

Toward the end of his school day, we met up with him to celebrate with Matty’s teachers and classmates.

matty5bday6 matty5bday7 matty5bday8

Next we went to the bowling alley. Matty kept saying, “Birthday bowling!” It was very cute.


There was some quasi-motorcyle riding as well.


Finally after a dinner of turkey hotdogs and grapes (Matty’s favorite), it was time for a mother load of sugar. CAKE!


Both Matty and Noah were really excited for this part.


He gave it a good go at the candles.


I made it chocolate and vanilla. It was delicious. Noah ate his in record time.


Can’t beat this happy smile:


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26 Jun 2009 at 1236pm

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