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Fall Festival.

Yesterday we headed out to Cox Farms and had some fun at their Fall Festival. A lot of hay and sliding and goats! Wooooo!

matt and momma
matt and papa slidematt papa slide 2matt papa slide 3matt goatsmatt and goatsmatt and goats 2
matt and papa

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30 Oct 2005 at 1024am

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New pal.

Last week, I made this new friend for Matty. We call him Hank.

matt and dinomatt and hank

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30 Oct 2005 at 1017am

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Matt, “helping”.

He loves dragging around things that are twice his size.

matt and basketmatt and laundry

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30 Oct 2005 at 1014am

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Almost fits.

matt in hat

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30 Oct 2005 at 1013am

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(Those pants should last him until he’s 2!)

matt pantsmatt bellymatt yawn

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22 Oct 2005 at 1240am

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No park today, it’s gray and rainy and cold. But we did get to go yesterday. Matty enjoys the slide now.

matt walkingmatt sliding

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21 Oct 2005 at 217pm

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Photo in sepia.

Mike was futzing a bit with the camera.

There’s this:

matt and mama

And then there’s, this:


(that’s the moon, by the way)

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20 Oct 2005 at 1225pm

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