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Fishing. Or more like, grabbing?

He takes the fishing rod gingerly in his hands, then carefully lays it down and…

…uses his hands.


I question him and he’s all, “What?”


Written by Donna

27 Jul 2006 at 1223pm

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Yeah, I was gabbing away with Sharon, taking her order, ahem, and I kinda hear Matty running around behind me, squeeing with delight. I kept feeling something brush against my ankles and figured he was taking out his bed sheets, a favorite passtime of his.

Um, it wasn’t the sheets. Well, not the bed sheets.


First time he’s ever thought to do this, despite him having access to the bathroom. So it’s cute! For now. We’ll see if it’s habit-forming or not.

Written by Donna

26 Jul 2006 at 210pm

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Recent pics.

Now, granted, I didn’t know Mike when he was a little boy, but I’ve seen plenty of cute pictures of him and Oh-My-Holy-Goodness, Matty looks just like his papa!


Eatin’ his tasty pretzels.


And getting fingerprints on the camera lens.


Yup, still too small for the basketball. Actually, we play our own version in the house, it involves the laundry basket and indeed it’s just like the real thing!


He doesn’t smile a lot when it’s still 800 million degrees plus humidity and we try and go to the park. Neither do I! But we tough it out, otherwise we’d go bonkers with the cabin fever.

Written by Donna

25 Jul 2006 at 501pm

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Uh, yeah, I let it get real bad.

Real bad.

Really, really bad.

matt511.jpg ( I swear we don’t ever put hair clippies in his mop! Just that one time! Heh.)

So after hanging out on the balcony last night and watching Matty brush the hair out of his eyes for the millionth time, we headed inside, fired up Blues Clues and I started snipping away.


Right before the scissors started!


And moments after completion.


Night and day! Aww, our baby can see again!

Written by Donna

12 Jul 2006 at 728pm

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