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Christmas in Vegas, 2005

The good:

  1. We got to meet our adorable new niece for the very first time.
  2. The surprise party was, a surprise!
  3. Mmmm good…the soups!
  4. Going on a date to the movies.
  5. Winning 35 bucks on the slots.
  6. Coasters
  7. Lots of good company and laughing.

The bad:

  1. Not nearly enough time with our family.

And now, onto the pictures…

Grandpa and Cynthia’s House

Christmas Day at Aunt Jill & Uncle Basil’s

Matty’s first lolly!

Special agent M.E. Hessling.
And his sidekick, Kojak?

Right before the “incident”.

Aunt Jodi’s surprise 30th birthday party…Got you!

Last night at Nana and Buzz’s house…sniff.

Little Face watching the planes while we wait for our connection in Cincinnati.

We all had a wonderful time, thanks to everyone for everything. A year is too long, we’ll be back sooner.

Written by Donna

30 Dec 2005 at 1018pm

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Haircut for the holidays.



Written by Donna

21 Dec 2005 at 1131am

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Bathtime, in black and white.

Written by Donna

19 Dec 2005 at 1152pm

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Watching the snow.

It’s gone now, but he liked watching it.

Written by Donna

19 Dec 2005 at 1151pm

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Sleepy head.

It’s rare that Matt falls asleep on the couch, but when he does, it’s just so cute.

Written by Donna

19 Dec 2005 at 1150pm

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Hillbilly Housewife

It is the smallest amount I was able to come up with that will provide enough supplies to an empty kitchen to feed an entire family for a week.

Includes recipes and a shopping list!

Written by Michael

15 Dec 2005 at 1043am

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Laughing with Disability

What Bradford finds more offensive are those inspirational movies about retarded guys that always seem to win Oscars. To him, they’re like the portrayal of black people in 1940s films. He’s tired, he said, of “Rain Man” or “Forrest Gump,” where the hero is “sage and heroic, and sweet and childlike and can’t do anything wrong.” He argued that I was uncomfortable with the otherness of disabled people and wanted them put away where I couldn’t see them.

Written by Michael

13 Dec 2005 at 1216pm

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