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New clothes.

So every Christmas, we are lucky enough to have oodles of family buying cute clothes for Matty.
Sure, he could care less, but WE love it!

Just a smidge of his new wardrobe:

(The blankie really makes the outfit!)


(We are amazed that this new flannel shirt seems to be getting short on him, already. The kid is a WEED man!)


(This was during our first snow yesterday. Matty loved it. Kept wanting to go out there. But it was freezing! And today? No school!)


(Undoubtedly his favorite!)

Written by Donna

22 Jan 2007 at 823am

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His new digs.

Getting rid of one of our couches and our TV (sniff) freed up some space in our living room. We spent yesterday making a new playroom for Little Face.
I love how it came out.
With the lights, it’s so darned cozy and comfy back there.
I want to grab my pillows and blankets and take a nap there myself!

Oh and uh, Matty seems to like it too!


When he sits down at his little table to read or play with his cars, it’s just adorable.

Written by Donna

09 Jan 2007 at 1207pm

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