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To my Bubs, on year 3.

I feel like you are the most flexible, agreeable child I have ever met. You started going to school in the fall, you travel well (and A LOT: Vegas, Atlanta, Jersey, Jersey, Vegas, Boston, Jersey…all within the span of just 6 months!), you gave up the TV and the car right along with us (like you had a choice!), you made the transition into your own room and into a new apartment. It’s like whatever we throw at you, you take it in and make it work. I love you for that. And for so much more.

It tickles me that you are entertained by the simplest of things, still. Recently, it’s been a big ol’ box of colorful cookie cutters:


The other day, when I was helping you put them away, I noticed that you had put the last section of the alphabet cutters in the correct order. I demanded from your Papa, “Did YOU do that?” And he said, “Nope.” and pointed to you. I was beaming!

Your learning and skills have grown an amazing amount in the last 6 months. It’s like every other day, you’ve got a new sign, or maybe a new sound. I love the way you say “more”. You say it with such determination that I know you are working so hard on your word sounds.

And the way you are forming sentences with your sign language. Amazing.
Your teacher showed me how you now ask for chips (or Cheetos!) with: I WANT CHIP. And you do this with signing AND verbalization! Your major motivator outside of the Cheetos is Doritos. You love the cheese, do ya? Me too!




You smile readily and your excitement and giddiness is my favorite part of you. Lately you’ve been doing this hilarious forced laugh to get us to laugh and then that makes you laugh and then we laugh and it’s so funny and so loud that my cheeks and stomach hurt after we finally stop.



Not too long ago, one morning you spontaneously signed “I love you” and I almost fell outta my chair. And seriously, you’ve been getting better and better at it! So when we sing the Thomas the Tank Engine theme, you add it in at the right moment. It’s brilliant.


Sidewalk chalk is still a big toy for you and you’ve been getting very creative with your drawing. You can do circles! And you will makes dots and lines to mimic what I’m drawing. My favorite part is when you want me to draw along with you, you’ll pick up the chalk and put it in my hand and direct my hand to the ground. You’re so intent and purposeful and more social than I’ve ever seen you. It’s more fun than I could ever imagine.


Here you are signing “boy”!



This week I sent cupcakes to school with you so you can celebrate the big 3 with your friends and teacher. You came home with your own little crown! You wore it until you fell asleep. It was so cute when you were trying to nap but the crown kept getting in your way, so you looked over at me to make sure it was okay with me that you took it off. We did build a cool new wall before you had your nap. Which was fun because you didn’t knock it down! You got behind the wall alongside me and we peered over to the other side wondering where the horses and knights were.




The things you do every day make my heart grow and my smile big.
I love how you always need to sign that “papa is in the potty” when Dad goes into the bathroom. As soon as he shuts the door, you’ll run right over to me and tell me.
I love how you can still hear the buses go by sometimes and you’ll sign, “Bus! Bye-bye!”
I love how you help me make your bed by putting the pillows and Tyrone and Jenny back on the bed.
I love how you squeal with delight when we’re on the bike and going down a big hill.
I love how you snuggle.
And how you laugh.
And how you sign “GOAL!” when you kick the ball even if it’s just a few inches.
And how you love music.
And how you want to color with me everyday.
And how close you’ve become to Papa. (Even though I get sad when you’d rather he read to you!)
And how smart and intellectual you are.
I love who you are.
And I wouldn’t change a thing about you.
You’re my Bubs and I love you more and more everyday.

Happy 3 Matty, happy 3 to you.



Written by Donna

10 May 2007 at 1135am

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Celebrating the 3!

He gets shy.
He wants to run out of the room when we’re singing Happy Birthday.
He didn’t want to eat the yummy cupcake. (Though he did hold it for a while!)

But it was a good time.
And there are only 6 cupcakes left!


And lookie, he’s already bumping up his age!


Written by Donna

07 May 2007 at 611pm

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