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Congrats to Jodi and Lee on the birth of their son!

Andrew Michael


Written by Michael

25 Apr 2008 at 258pm

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Yesterday at the park.

We’ve been enjoying Spring here these last few days.
When the rain finally broke, that is.

Noah rides the swings now too!

And I somehow convinced Matty to leave the big boy swings and give his baby brother a few pushes.
I think they were both rather “meh” on the experience!

We were the last family to leave.
Matty closes up for the night.

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24 Apr 2008 at 528pm

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Terrific Tuesday.

Hey look, a haircut!
(I caved, per usual.)
Matty looks dashing, for sure.

I do lots of begging at times, to get Matty to slow down enough to sit still for photo ops with his little bro.
These are new favorites.
Noah was giggling with Matty.

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24 Apr 2008 at 518pm

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His first ride forward.

In the stroller anyway.
I was in a hurry to stop using the infant carrier/stroller because our jogging stroller is completely awesome and a breeze to maneuver through our crowded sidewalks.

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24 Apr 2008 at 510pm

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When I’m sitting on the floor hanging out with Noah, he loves to use his newfound motor skills and start climbing up my person.
This isn’t overly fun when I am folding laundry, however.

But with cheeks like that, who could be sore about being a human jungle gym. Which is actually something that Matty’s been conditioning me for years anyway.

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24 Apr 2008 at 507pm

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The bread deal.

Anyone who knows Matty knows that he is a carbo-holic.
Pretzels, graham crackers, cookies, veggie chips, and of course, BREAD.
His favorite.
He likes to mix it up every so often and surprise me by eating ciabatta or his current favorite, an artisan baguette. Which is very interesting as that particular bread has a crazy chewy crust that makes up most of the loaf.
It’s quite fun to watch him gnawing at it.
Now these pictures are a recent depiction of a habit he sometimes employs to consume his yeasty friend.
The all outside eatin’, no inside eatin’.
(This WAS a rosemary/olive oil loaf.)

I did not give him that, he went into the kitchen, took it off the counter and started to go to town.

He seems quite pleased with himself, eh?

And this was the result of said gnawing.
We had a nice bread snowball left to enjoy.

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24 Apr 2008 at 458pm

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Mama and the boys.

Written by Donna

07 Apr 2008 at 756pm

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