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With temps in the 50s, Fall is finally here!

And I couldn’t be happier about it.
Fall is my favorite.

Yesterday we headed over to Cox Farms for their annual pumpkin-y goodness. The boys had a great time, especially Matty, the slides were amazing!


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20 Oct 2008 at 1057am

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Our celebration.

We had a very special day celebrating Noah’s 1st on Saturday.
There were balloons and toys and CAKE!

Just a smattering of the photos we that took:

After the sugar rush, it was on to the toys! (Matty was already there playing. Ha!)

They did play nicely together.

Thank you to everyone who sent gifts and cards and warm well-wishes!

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20 Oct 2008 at 1024am

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My Puppet turns 1.

Has it really been a year already?
You mean this wasn’t just yesterday?

Before you were born, I swore that you were a little girl. But when you entered the world at 1045 on a Tuesday, your papa turned to me smiling and said, “It’s a boy!”
And then I saw your face for the first time and couldn’t help but giggle. You were my boy! As the midwife placed your slick body into my arms, my first words to you were, “Awww, you’re so gross!”
I meant that with the most affection possible.
And they asked us for your name and even though we had 3 names we were contemplating, I simply said, “Noah.” Because that is who you were. I met you and knew your name. My Noah.
It’s been a wonderful year Noah.

You’re quick with a smile and have the most wonderfully infectious giggle when you really get going. It makes the whole world brighter.

One of my favorite things is to watch you follow your big brother Matty around, wanting to play with everything he plays with, wanting to go everywhere he goes, laughing when he’s being goofy. You both are always on the move now, it’s darn hard to get a photo with the two of you sitting still!

I love the fact that we get our own time during the day. While Matty is at school, we play.

And sometimes you just want to sit and read. You read books now, you don’t eat them anymore!

You have so many glorious teeth in you mouth, your smile is something I never tire of. (It makes for better toy-munching as well.)

I love that your hair gets ultra curly and unruly when it’ s humid out! Just like mine! Here you are doing your new thing, standing on the trampoline and eating your cheerios from your highchair. You pretty much demand this. I think it’s so you can jump in between each cheerio!

What will you do next? Your little face tells me you know.

Oh my Noah, my lovely boy. I’m so lucky to have you in our family.
You’re loud and quick and funny and sweet.
You like music and jumping.
You always want to be around us. (Except when you’re off getting into trouble.)
You’re good natured yet tenacious.
And just like with your big brother Matty, my heart gets filled with joy every time I see your smiling face.

I love you Puppet.
Happy Birthday!


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16 Oct 2008 at 803am

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Those boys again.

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09 Oct 2008 at 1258am

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Papa reads.

Matty enjoys it.

Noah gets distracted by Mama’s shiny camera.

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09 Oct 2008 at 1246am

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Our Noah! Walking!

He’s been doing this for the last month, taking steps.
I had a devil of a time getting it on camera though.
Every time I would go get it, he would stop and crawl.
Little bugger.
But lately, the last week or so, he’s practically ditched the crawling in favor of walking.
All the time!
He’s quite amazing.

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09 Oct 2008 at 1242am

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The boys.

I do have a habit of saying, “The boys.”
And “the boys” includes Mike.
But does he mind?

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09 Oct 2008 at 1236am

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